In the wake of budget discussions and changing fiscal policies taking shape within the United States, it seemed relevant to create a piece about the U.S. national debt. Nearly 30% of the United States’ national debt is owned to foreign governments. Of foreign investors holding U.S. public federal debt, the largest amount (about 45%) is held by the central banks of China and Japan. This piece, I Pledge Allegiance, was first exhibited as part of the Colors of Money exhibition in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

Exhibition: Colors Magazine + Fabrica
Exhibition Artists: Joshua Levi, Guillermo Brotons, Piero Martinello, Diego Beyro, Julian Koschwitz, Joao Wilbert, Jackie Brown, Lorenzo Fanton, Larz Wannop, Gabo Gesualdi, Isotta Dardelli, Chiara Andrich, Elisa de Martini.